Learn Invest in YOU - Michael Aron

Let's keep it simple - you're here because you're looking for help to learn photography. 

You're in the right place. 

So where do you start? Let me help with that.

I've designed a simple Photography Learning Journey that gives you an overview of the focused learning process and key concepts and techniques you'll want to learn along the way. Here's a snapshot of what that looks like. 

Now that you have an overview of the Journey to Master Photography I encourage you to explore the Invest in YOU! that aligns with where you are. If you're just getting started in photography, or have been shooting for years, my content below is structured in a way to help you take it one step further.

Dive deeper into a focused Photography Learning Journey, gain a confident understanding of exposure, light, capturing emotion, and other key concepts along with detailed workbooks so you have a thorough and structured list of exercises you can practice to Master Photography

Coming April 2019

101 Coming May 2019

201 Coming May 2019

301 Coming June 2019

Not sure if you should take that next step? Let me tell you a little bit about my journey. 

My journey with photography started in the summer of 2012. If you don't know me, there is one important thing you should know about me. When I get interested in something, I give it 200% or I walk away. Since the summer of 2012 I have not walked and have invested time and thousands of dollars to learn everything I can about photography: by purchasing online courses & training videos, attending conferences & listening to keynotes, watching YouTube & online videos, reading articles & books, and through trial & error. Since 2012 there is a key principle I've learned that has given me more fulfillment in life compared to most other things -- Invest in YOU. This single principle has allowed me to grow and open up my eyes to view the world in a different lens.

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