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Let's keep it simple - you're here because you're looking for help to learn photography. 

I've designed two types of content to do just that - help YOU learn Photography.

The first type of content is totally FREE so you can get started and learn something new today.

The second type of content, my Invest in YOU! content, is designed to go much deeper. When you Invest in YOU! you get so much more, so I've designed this content to give you everything. I'll start with providing a detailed journey map, to help you understand the photography learning process. Then we'll dive deep into key concepts, keeping it simple but with detailed examples. All at the same time as you can leverage your workbook to practice and master techniques and concepts along the way.

My journey with photography started in the summer of 2012. If you don't know me, there is one important thing you should know about me. When I get interested in something, I give it 200% or I walk away. Since the summer of 2012 I have not walked and have invested time and thousands of dollars to learn everything I can about photography: by purchasing online courses & training videos, attending conferences & listening to keynotes, watching YouTube & online videos, reading articles & books, and through trial & error. Since 2012 there is a key principle I've learned that has given me more fulfillment in life compared to most other things -- Invest in YOU. This single principle has allowed me to grow and open up my eyes to view the world in a different lens.

I know this sounds intense and deep and you might just be here because you're interested in some 'Free Photography Tips'. That's totally fine if that's the case and I always post tips, along with facts and camera settings, on my Instagram if you're looking for more free content.

If you're looking for more growth and want to be in that 5-10% that experiences faster personal growth then I encourage you to take the next step and purchase my Invest in YOU content (coming May 2019) which provides key insights, tips, tricks and accelerated learning from my 7+ year journey of giving it 200%.

So Why should you listen to me? Because I've given it 200% for 7+ years and spent thousands of dollars learning everything I can. You can gain my knowledge and Invest in YOU for a fraction of the cost. 

Will the content help? I've designed the courses to start simple and build with complexity as you progress and become more familiar with key terms & concepts. Learning photography can be daunting, I'm trying to make it simple. 

Can I really teach you photography? That only you can answer, but it starts with Invest in YOU. If nothing else, I'm glad to have shared an authentic piece of me with you.

I wish you the best, and if you have any questions on any of the content already released, or questions about future content please do not hesitate to reach out. 

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