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Every since I was young I enjoyed running around, being outside, and the thrill of exploring.

Every summer my parents would take my family to Lake Winnipesaukee where I would transform into a captain, explorer, Robinson Crusoe, Indiana Jones, and many other of my childhood idols - what an incredible imagination kids have.

I specialize in Outdoor Photography.

My Portfolio is primarily comprised of Adventure and Landscape photography but also layered with animals in nature and aerial & drone photography. 


When I first got into photography, 5+ years ago I decided to commit 200% to learn everything I can, and now, I get to share that with you.

I've invested time and thousands of dollars in my craft by attending conferences & listening to keynotes, watching YouTube & online videos, reading articles & books, and through trial & error.

Through social media I share my photography and vision on the outdoors, hoping to inspire others to explore it for themselves and experience personal growth. 

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